Tree to Bowl – Understanding and Handling Wood For Turning

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  1. I just completed this course. And I find it gives a lot of god advice on what to do when you are not turning. How to avoid craks in the fine wood you just got from a friend…. And a lot more 😃

    1. Author

      Thank you kindly! Yes, this course is designed to answer all those questions about the wood gathering and preparation process before turning. I’m glad you benefited and thank you for joining! Remember, you can come back whenever you’d like. Enjoy and Happy Turning!

  2. I plan on buying this course, but I’d like to know what tools are required. I looked at the “suggested tools” part of this website, but it isn’t designed to show what I’m interested in, instead it’s designed to mention all possible usable tools. If I must acquire all those tools before I start the course, it will be another year.
    Where is the list of tools required (or desired) to run this course? Is it in the lesson we don’t have access to?

    1. Author

      Good question. The basic tools for gathering wood for turning will depend on the size and amount of wood you are considering. A medium-sized chainsaw is about the minimum requirement. Small to medium logs can be processed and roughed out with just a chainsaw. A band-saw makes nicer round bowl blanks, but is not necessary. Other than that, some end-grain sealer is about the only other thing you’ll need.
      All the best to you and Happy Turning!

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