Wood Bowl Turning – Start to Finish

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  1. Hi Kent,
    I’m looking forward to taking your course soon. To follow-up on a question from above about the course material being different from your excellent “free” videos on your YouTube channel–
    Will the course videos be the same videos from the channel, just organized better and/or differently, or, new videos dedicated to course content, or both? The most challenging thing about being a newbie is trying to figure out what-to-watch-first on any YouTube channel dedicated to woodworking or turning. It’s pretty overwhelming!
    Your channel and content is amazing. Looking forward!

    1. Author

      Hi Aaron,
      The Wood Bowl Turning eCourse videos are all uniquely designed and produced for the course only and do not appear anywhere else.
      You will no longer have to hunt around online for which video to watch next. The course videos are all organized in the exact pattern you will need to execute a bowl. Hence the name Wood Bowl Turning Start-to-Finish!
      Great question, I look forward to having you in the course soon!
      Happy Turning,

  2. Ken this is Ed I asked the question about the gouges I went back in the lessons and sure enough I found my answer all the info so far is here you just have to go back to find it thank for this course

  3. Hi Kent hope thanksgiving went well for you and your family I have my first practice bowl ready to go my question is I have 3 gouges 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 inches which on should I use to get going

    1. Author

      Any of them will do, but the 1/2″ is the one I’ll be using throughout this course. Thank you.

  4. Kent,
    Are you going to cover live edge bowls in this course as well as the traditional finished bowls?

    1. Author

      Good question. This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of wood bowl turning. I may cover live edge turning in a different course. We are focused on getting all the steps, techniques, and skills established to make wood bowls in this course. Thanks and I hope to see you here soon.
      Happy Turning,

    1. Author

      All the lessons are in video form and saved to each page so you can come back to them as much as you need, as often as you like, and whenever you need.

  5. Hey Kent!
    When we sign up for this course will we have access to the content for only a certain period of time? Or is it always available after purchase? If this is stated somewhere already, my apologies for asking a redundant question.


    1. Author


      Good quesiton.

      When you sign up, you have LIFETIME ACCESS whenever you’d like.

      See you in the course.

      Happy Turning,

      1. Kent does the sharpening section of this course contain all the info contained in you sharpening e-course or will I have to take that one also.

        1. Author

          Thanks for the question. No, the Tool Sharpening Course is separate and independent of the turning course. We will briefly cover how to sharpening the bowl gouge used in the turning course, but the sharpening course covers all tools used when turning wood bowls plus much more.

  6. Kent, including instructions for those

    Good morning. I have previously asked if you would consider video courses for those of us who use carbide turning tools for the entire project. I have not received an answer to date.

    1. Author

      In this online eCourse, I will be helping beginners, those who have started turning bowls, and carbide turners learn to turn with traditional woodturning tools, especially the bowl gouge. I may do a video about carbide turning in the future, but traditional tools render the best results when turning bowls.
      Thanks and Happy Turning,

    1. Author

      Great question. This online eCourse is methodically laid out so you can follow the entire process of bowl turning from start to finish and see all the details (and options) along the way. You will learn the “process” most effectively by seeing and doing. We have exercises at various points along the way to reinforce the lessons. Also, the lessons are organized, easy to find, and always available for you to view. Learning in this manner will greatly accelerate your skills and help you along your journey to make the bowls you imagine. I hope to see you in the Course soon. Happy Turning!

  7. I like the sound of this course. One problem. Living in the U.K. !I have had problems
    buying equipment from the U.S.A on several occasions my order has apparently been ignored. will this happen again should I place an order for one of these courses, or will I be wasting my time?

    1. Author

      Hello Ernie,
      I’m sorry to hear you had orders ignored by others.
      No, I will not ignore your order when you sign up for this Course.
      This course is delivered online and you will have access as soon as you sign up.
      Thanks for writing!
      Happy Turning,

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