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Hi, I’m Kent

Hi! I’m Kent, a husband, dad, papa, graphic designer, photographer, artist, traveler, birder, dark chocolate lover and I’m addicted to turning wood bowls! Learn more about me, see the online courses I made for you, and join our group on Facebook. Ready for your wood bowl adventure? Click here to Get Started

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Flat or Skewed Scraper Sharpening

Traditional scrapers have two surfaces we need to deal with when sharpening, the flat top surface, and the bevel edge. When we sharpen any traditional scraper, we are cleaning up these two surfaces to restore a crisp cutting edge where the two surfaces meet.

At the sharpening station, adjust the sharpening platform to the angle of the bevel on the scraper. Eyeball the gap to see that a flush contact is made between the tool’s bevel and the sharpening wheel.

Use a marker and cover a small area of the scraper’s front bevel. Set the scraper flush on the platform and turn the wheel by hand, letting the marked area rub the wheel.

You want the marked area to have a strip removed, revealing shiny steel underneath. If a bright mark is located near the top cutting edge only, then adjust the platform by lifting it slightly. If the bottom heel area of the tool is only marked, then lower the platform, just a touch, and try again.

Sharpening A Straight Scraper

1) Use a honing card to rub the top surface of the scraper smooth. You only need to work in the front area of the tool.

2) Hold the scraper flat and flush to the angled platform.

3) Apply firm, but not too much, downward pressure to the tool on the surface with your left hand. With your right hand firmly slide the tool left to right across the sharpening wheel.

4) Make continuous fluid motions until the entire bevel of the scraper is evenly shiny and smooth. The scraper is now sharp.

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