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Hi, I’m Kent

Hi! I’m Kent, a husband, dad, papa, graphic designer, photographer, artist, traveler, birder, dark chocolate lover and I’m addicted to turning wood bowls! Learn more about me, see the online courses I made for you, and join our group on Facebook. Ready for your wood bowl adventure? Click here to Get Started

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02 How This Works

All lessons are in chronological order based on the progressive steps of making a wood bowl.

In a nutshell, simply watch, learn, go out and turn, and repeat as needed.

When you complete a lesson, you can click the “completed” button, and your progress will be stored and displayed in the progress bar.

At the end of various lessons, there are exercises to accomplish. As we all know, it’s best to learn by doing, so please take the time to do these exercises and improve your skills.

Each lesson has a comment section at the bottom of the page. I read and answer all comments, so please leave a comment at the bottom of the appropriate lesson if you have a question, concern, or suggestion. Over time, these comments and answers will build even more informative resources into this eCourse.

If additional information is added to this eCourse, I will post updated information at the bottom of this page, so check back here from time to time.

This eCourse does not cover sharpening in detail, nor processing green wood. Both of these topics are too lengthy for this eCourse and are subjects for other eCourses. As a matter of fact, please check out Tool Sharpening for Wood Bowl Turning if you’d like to learn how to shape and sharpen all your tools.

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3) Use your email (same used when purchasing) as your user name

4) Enter your password. If you have no password, enter your email and click “Lost Your Password?” to reset your password.

Also, make sure your web browser is not set to block pop-up windows.


This eCourse can be accessed and viewed from any web browser and smart device with a web browser. The videos and content can not be downloaded or viewed elsewhere.


All content in this eCourse is copyright protected and can not be copied, duplicated, or used in any way without the written permission of Kent Weakley. This eCourse is for the personal use of the individual purchaser only. Thank you for understanding and cooperating with this copyright law.

Safety Disclaimer

All information in this eCourse is designed to aid in your learning process. Your safety while turning or doing any other steps in this eCourse is your personal responsibility. Read and follow all manufacturer’s safety guidelines and adequately protect yourself while you turn.


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Bill Patterson February 3, 2024 at

I see your a birder. I have been birding for about 40 years. I was living on the east coast just outside of Washington, DC for the past 60 years, so my life list is quite extensive. We just recently moved to the Denver area to be closer to the grandkids and a whole new group of birds. What is your experience in birding?

Kent W (Administrator) February 4, 2024 at

Hey Bill, Very cool. Yes, Colorado would be a whole different group of birds. I actually just started birding a couple years ago and I’ve been going pretty hard. We have family in different parts of the country so I’m able to pick up new birds frequently. My US list is currently at 502 and my Life List is 656. All the best to you and Happy Turning and birding. 😉 January 24, 2022 at

Hi Kent…. I am back and looking forward to continuing this wonderful and very informative course.
I have been very busy and now able to resume . So I thought I would start right from the beginning . Cant wait to turn the Lathe on.

Kind regards,


Kent W (Administrator) January 24, 2022 at

Sounds great! Remember; persistent, patient practice will yield the bowls you imagine creating!

All the best to you and Happy Turning! October 24, 2021 at

Have looked at your videos over the past year of learning on my own, without in person classes, and looking forward to this ecourse for sure. Also was impressed right off the bat with your 5 second elevator intro – your priorities seemed right – first dad, then husband, then your professional background.

Kent W (Administrator) October 25, 2021 at

Thank you Jim, and welcome. Enjoy and Happy Turning! August 15, 2021 at

You said this course won’t cover green wood. I have Just had an oak fall in my yard and I am cutting it up should I not try to use that yet?

Kent W (Administrator) August 26, 2021 at

You should certainly turn green wood. I’m working on another course now that will cover that topic thoroughly. Stay tuned.

Happy Turning! July 12, 2021 at

Good evening Kent
This eCourse is really a reference. I have seen dozens of videos on the bowl set online and have always been frustrated. Here everything is clear, well explained and supporting evidence. You did a great job. well done


Kent W (Administrator) July 14, 2021 at

Thank you, yes, that is the intent. One organized reference center for turning wood bowls. 😉 Happy Turning! April 2, 2021 at

Hi Kent. Thank you for this excellent course. Really enjoying the experience. Excellent insights and explanations.

One suggestion though, perhaps you could offer the option to increase playback speed on videos. That way, if somebody has already watched the video or might have experience with certain aspects of the process, they could move forward without risking they’d miss something by leaping accidentally past. This is especially the case when looking for a particular segment you know you’ve seen and are trying to review. This is one of my favorite features on YouTube, Audible, and almost any podcast app.

Thanks again.

Kent W (Administrator) April 3, 2021 at

Thank you for the kind words. I’ll check and see if this is an option for the video playback. The general idea of this course is to keep the lessons short and well-indexed so you can easily access them as needed. I think having the video playback option would extend that access. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks again.
Happy Turning!
Kent March 23, 2021 at

Hi Kent
Your course must be successful, since many of your recommended tools are out of stock!!
With that in mind, do you have a second choice of bowl gouge. Hurricane is hard to find.
Also, the One-way Vari-grind is out of stock thru Amazon but avail elsewhere. Just want to be sure to get what I need and not what I don’t. for example, should I get the Raptor set-up tools and or the Raptor grinding jig guide. Lastly, Should I assume that you prefer this set-up to the Sorby. sorry to ask so many Qs. Thanks

Kent W (Administrator) March 27, 2021 at

Yes, unfortu\nately, many products go out of stock and then return in stock on Amazon. You can select similar items to the ones suggested. Sorby makes great gouges as well.
The raper tool is a shortcut for setting the oneway wolverine system. In this course, I will show you how to set up the system to work best for you without a purchased shortcut. Learning these steps will help you better understand how to adjust and modify your tools in the future. So I don’t recommend shortcuts that bypass this valuable step. Later, once you understand how this system is used, then you can purchase shortcut devices if you’d like.
Happy Turning!

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