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Hi, I’m Kent

Hi! I’m Kent, a husband, dad, papa, graphic designer, photographer, artist, traveler, birder, dark chocolate lover and I’m addicted to turning wood bowls! Learn more about me, see the online courses I made for you, and join our group on Facebook. Ready for your wood bowl adventure? Click here to Get Started

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1-03 How This Course Works

You will see the lesson topics column along the left side of the course window. Please note there are multiple pages of lesson topics. Use the numbered arrows at the bottom to continue scrolling through the lessons. 

Each lesson is designed to be “bite-sized” and digestible in a short period. Also, each lesson is clearly labeled for easy access, if needed, in the future.

When you have completed a lesson, click the “mark complete” button at the bottom. Your progress will be added to your course progress bar.

There are three exercise sections in this course at various intervals. Because we will be building knowledge and skills, I suggest following the lessons from start to finish. Of course, you are free to explore any lesson at any time. However, by building your skills and checking your progress with the exercises in order, you will have a better idea of how you are advancing.

Bowl Gouge Mastery is an interactive course. When you leave your question as a comment on the appropriate lesson, I will answer your question. Over time, these questions and answers add a rich additional layer of knowledge and understanding to the course.

If I see a topic needing additional information not covered thoroughly in a lesson, I may add more content or even a whole new lesson. If new content is added, I will note the content and the date it was added to courses at the bottom of this page.



Full Face Shield
Filters for Respirator
Safety Glasses w/ Readers
5/8″ Bowl Gouge (roughing)
1/2″ Bowl Gouge (all-purpose, finishing)
Spindle Detail Gouge
1-1/4″ x 8 TPI – Four Jaw Dovetail Chuck (w/ screw option)
Slow Speed Sharpening Station Grinder
80 Grit CBN Wheel
180 Grit CBN Wheel
Oneway Wolverine Sharpening System
Curved Tool Rest

Collapse Comments

Is there a way to download or get a copy of the video course? My workshop does not have internet access. It would be nice to have the videos available while I’m at the lathe.

Kent W (Administrator) December 6, 2023 at

Thank you for writing and sharing! I understand your question and need. Unfortunately, there would be no way to control open distribution of the files if they were downloadable. Do you have phone coverage in your shop? You can use your phone, or use your phone as a hotspot to send the internet to a laptop or ipad. Thanks for the question.
All the best to you and Happy Turning!

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