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Hi, I’m Kent

Hi! I’m Kent, a husband, dad, papa, graphic designer, photographer, artist, traveler, birder, dark chocolate lover and I’m addicted to turning wood bowls! Learn more about me, see the online courses I made for you, and join our group on Facebook. Ready for your wood bowl adventure? Click here to Get Started

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1-01 Who Is This Course For

This course is for you if you have turned with a bowl gouge and have yet to feel 100% or have never used a bowl gouge. Also, if you use a carbide scraper now and want to try the bowl gouge, you’re in the right place.

This course aims to make the bowl gouge “disappear.”

What do I mean?

If you’re overthinking the bowl gouge, it’s hard to relax, make design decisions about your turning, and enjoy the whole process.

Think of wildlife photographers. When a wild animal offers a split-second opportunity for a fantastic photo, a pro wildlife photographer doesn’t pause and think, “What settings would work well in this situation.” No! They rely on instinct, muscle memory, and experience.

After taking this course, using a bowl gouge will become your second-nature instinct! You will think, “What do I want to make,” instead of wondering if the gouge is acting correctly.

Let’s dive in and start this journey. You now have the knowledge you need at your fingertips to help make the bowl gouge disappear from your turning experience.

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