How This Course Works

This course is designed to help you sharpen the tools needed to turn wooden bowls, with particular attention given to the bowl gouge. We will be focusing on tool sharpening and won’t be covering all the facets of wood bowl turning here. Other courses located here as well as the content on, dive deeper into all the aspects of turning wood bowls.

This course is designed to progress from start to finish, but you can also jump around to whatever section is essential to you. When you have completed a part, click the “Mark Complete” button to mark your progress.

I recommend you review all the content in the “Intro,” “Equipment,” and “Safety” sections (follow all the usage and safety guidelines provided by any product manufacturer first and foremost) of the wood bowl tool sharpening course. In these sections, we will cover topics that are important for all aspects of sharpening.

You can come back to any material in any section at any time. Occasionally, when it becomes necessary, new content will be added to this course. So come back often and check-in to see what’s new. Marking off the sections you have completed will help you see if any new material has been added.

If you have a question or comment, leave a comment at the bottom of the appropriate lesson or section. Your input is essential to help add even more depth to this class.

Please note this course is for the use of each individual member and is copyrighted by US law. Any distribution, copying, or sharing of this information is prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Content Added to this eCourse

  • Beading Tool Sharpening add 05/2020
  • Robert Sorby ProEdge Sharpening Lessons added 06/2020
  • Bevel Angle Turning Demo Video (26 mins) 07/2020
  • Safety disclosure added 07/2020
  • Chisel kit tool info added to Oneway info 07/2020
  • Micro-Bevel text update 07/2020
  • Troubleshooting Quiz bug fixed 8/2020
  • Robert Sorby Swept-back video updated 8/2020
  • Oneway Micro Bevel video updated 8/2020
  • Scraper burr edge illustration added 8/2020