Bowl Gouge Sharpening Angles – Surprise Answer

Bowl Gouge Sharpening Angles Best

What is the best bowl gouge sharpening angle? The “right” bowl gouge angle depends on your personal preference. The gouge bevel angle will determine how you stand, maneuver the tool, and how you create each cut on the lathe. Multiple gouges each with different bevel grind angles can be utilized in different turning situations. Like […]

6 Perfect Wood Bowl Bottom – Techniques

Bowl Bottom 6 Secret Tips Main Image

The bowl bottom is so critically important to wood bowl turning. In a well-made bowl, the curve flows smoothly and evenly from the side walls to the gracefully curved concave bowl bottom. When that bowl bottom isn’t smooth or flowing is when we usually take notice. After our fingers glide across the bowl’s rim, our […]

Wood Bowl Crack Fix Secrets – Woodturning Repairing Cracks

Wood Bowl Crack Fix Secrets

It’s hard to think of anything other than a wood bowl crack as a wood bowl turner’s number one enemy. A wood bowl crack appearance can make grown men cry and draw attention away from an otherwise perfectly turned wood bowl. To prevent and repair cracks in wood turned bowls, we need to understand better […]

Micro Bevel Gouge – Wood Bowl Turning Secret Weapon

Micro Bevel Gouge Detail Photo

The micro bevel gouge may be a new term for you. Some people call this a bottom feeder as well. If this is true and you’re a wood bowl turner, this article is going to be a special treat for you. Let me explain the benefits and advantages of turning wood bowls while incorporating a […]