Oneway Easy-Core Coring System Recommended Equipment

Coring wood bowls from a larger bowl blank is not only satisfying, but it is also a material saving, waster-reducing process.

They are several components required to complete the Oneway Easy-Core Coring System. In this section I have compiled links to each product you’ll need to get started coring wooden bowls.

Coring Base Set

You will need a Base Set for your wood bowl coring system that matches your lathe swing. The Base Set is the central hub of the coring system. However, the Base Set does not come with any cutting Knife Sets, these are purchased separately, see below.

The distance between the headstock center and the lathe rails determines which Base Set you will need to start with.

Here are links to Base Sets ranging from 12″ to 24″ swings. Also, if you have a 26″ lathe, the 24″ Base Set will accomodate your needs.

Clamp Block

Measure the distance or gap between the bedways or rails. This is the size of Clamp Block you will need to secure the Base Set to your lathe bed.

*At this point the Oneway Easy-Core 12″ Mini Coring System is complete, no other items are needed other than a sharpening jig to sharpen the blade.

Knife Sets

The size and number of Knife Sets you use depends on the size of bowls being cored. One knife set is required to cut a bowl at the indicated size.

You can always add more Knife Sets at any time. I use two knife sets to core 9″ and 11-1/2″ bowl out of 14″ or larger initial bowl blanks and they work great.

*Please note – a knife set is included with the 12″ Mini Coring System and none of the following knife sets will fit the 12″ Mini Coring System.

Cutter Sharpening
  • Replacement Easy-Core Cutter (this is not necessary, but it is nice to have an extra cutter tip available if a cutting blade wears down or gets lost)
Tailstock Extension

Supporting the bowl blank with the tailstock during the coring process is both safe and a great way to reduce vibration. In order to reach past the coring system with the tailstock, you will most likely need to use a #2 Morse Taper Tailstock Extension

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