Bleaching Wood Bowls – 15 Must-Know Facts

Bleaching Wood Bowls Techniques Tips Facts

Bleaching wood bowls is not as hard as you might imagine. Have you ever wondered how to lighten the look of a wood turned bowl? Depending on your wooden bowl design, lightening the wood may add a new striking appearance and take your bowl to a different level. How do I bleach a wood bowl? […]

5 Magical Ebonizing Wood Tricks (how-to, techniques, formula)

Ebonized Wood Bowl How To Steps Techniques

Ebonizing wood has been around for a very long time. But before we go further, there is a question that needs to be asked. What is Ebonizing Wood? Ebonizing wood is the effect of darkening or blackening a naturally lighter colored wood to appear more like black ebony wood. Ebonized wood can be created with […]

Best Wood Bowl Care How To (clean, maintain, restore)

Wood Bowl Care Complete Guide Clean Maintain Restore

Wood bowl care is important. Whether you own a wood bowl (or many) or if you are a wood bowl turner, we’re all in the same boat when it comes to preserving our bowls. What is the best way to clean a wood bowl? For regular wood bowl cleaning use warm water with mild dishwashing […]

3 Amazing Turquoise Inlay Techniques – Illustrated Guide

Turquoise Inlay Wood Bowl Main Image

Applying a Turquoise Inlay is a great way to create a stunning visual accent or even save a cracked bowl. How do you make a turquoise inlay on a wood bowl? There are a couple of turquoise inlay techniques you can use. Here’s one way to create a turquoise inlay: Apply turquoise particles and dust […]

Finishing Cut – Wood Bowl Turning Beyond the Basics

Finishing Cut Wood Bowl Main Image

The finishing cut or pass on a wood bowl turning might seem similar to the rest of the cuts, but there is a difference. What is a wood bowl turning finishing cut? The final cutting pass that defines the surface of a wood bowl being turned is the finishing cut. However, the finishing pass on […]

Wall Thickness Woes – Bowl Turning Techniques

Wall Thickness Woes Wood Bowl Technique

Wall thickness of wood turned bowls can be a challenging aspect to master. Of all the different components of wood bowl turning, wall thickness seems to be sited the most as a significant hurdle to overcome. In this article, we will look at why wall thickness might vary, why it matters, how to measure wall […]

Wood Bowl Repair How To Fix Damage

Wood Bowl Repair Before and After

Making a wood bowl repair and fixing a damaged area is relatively easy. Let’s take a look at a typical wood bowl repair. How do I fix a damaged or broken wood bowl? First, you will want to clean the cracked area, use adhesive glue(s) to bond the damaged area, sand it smooth and reapply […]

Super Fast Wooden Bowl Crack Fix – Wood Glue

Wood Bowl Crack Fix Glue Technique

We’ve all come across that pesky wood that seems to want to check and crack, especially along the end grain. This bowl crack fix is a super simple way to finish these small cracks fast. How do I fill small cracks on a wood bowl? Believe it or not a little wood glue and some […]

9 Mistakes Signing Wood Bowls

Signed Wooden Bowls

Signing wood bowls is pretty simple, right? Well, hold on there are many things to consider. Overlooking the steps of signing wood bowls properly could cause a problem down the road if you don’t consider the details. What’s the best way for signing wood bowls? Your first instinct might be to think about grabbing a […]