01 Welcome – Wood Bowl Turning, Start to Finish

I’m so glad you’re here for a couple of reasons. One, you are interested and excited to learn how to turn bowls, and you’ve taken the initiative to get started. And the second reason I’m excited for you to be here is that I believe this online eCourse is designed to help you learn to turn wood bowls as no other class or opportunity has before.

Will I Benefit From This eCourse?

• If you’ve never turned and you want to make wood bowls, this eCourse is for you.
• If you’ve started turning bowls and you’re having issues with various aspects of turning, this eCourse is for you.
• If you turn with carbide scrapers and want to advance to using traditional tools like the bowl gouge, this eCourse is for you.
• If you’re curious and want to see all the steps needed to make bowls, this eCourse is for you.

What To Expect

This eCourse is based on a series of two dozen videos broken into easy-digestible and well-indexed lessons. Each lesson teaches a skill that is required to turn a bowl.

As you progress through this course, there will also be lessons on using the bowl gouge, the main instrument used in this eCourse. Your bowl gouge knowledge and skills will rapidly grow as you proceed.

What Will We Cover

It’s very simple, we will cover everything you need to turn a chunk of wood into a beautiful bowl. Each step is filmed and clearly explained to make the whole process much more manageable.

We will start with a woodblock, attach it to the lathe, and learn all the angles and techniques for shaping it with a bowl gouge until the bowl is ready for sanding, signing, and finish, which we will cover as well.

Wood To Be Turned

As I was watching other turners demonstrate wood bowl turning, I had an “ah-ha” moment. Most turners love doing demos with beautiful, large (and usually expensive) bowl blanks.

For someone beginning and practicing, using a pricey bowl blank is both intimidating and not practical.

That’s when I realized we should all be turning the same wood bowl blanks, and they should not be expensive. Oh, and this wood source needs to be available to almost everyone (around the world).

I think you’re going to like the solution we will be using for our bowl blanks! 😉

Bowl Gouge Integration

Throughout this eCourse, we will be learning about the bowl gouge, our primary tool of choice for creating a wooden bowl.

Detailed information will explain how to hold, angle, position, and move the gouge in each lesson.

Several lessons will also be dedicated to various aspects and concepts we must understand regarding the bowl gouge.

You might look at this whole course as a thorough bowl gouge workshop, and when you’re finished, you’ll just happen to have made a few wood bowl in the process. 😉

The Ultimate Goal of this eCourse

At the end of this course, I want you to be able to turn a wood bowl from start to finish confidently.

For any reason, you need to recall a particular bowl turning concept or technique, you can easily and quickly return to the appropriate lesson and refresh your knowledge.

We will not be making a one-of-a-kind showpiece from this course. Instead, we will be making many simple bowls and building our skill-sets, so you can then MAKE ANY BOWL YOU DREAM POSSIBLE!

I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s dive in and get started!