2020 Woodturning Symposium Guide

2020 Woodturning Symposium Guide – USA and International

The 2020 Woodturning Symposium Guide is a directory of all this year’s woodturning major gathering events throughout the United States and internationally as well.

You might be asking, “What is a woodturning symposium?

Last year, in the 2019 symposium directory, I detailed many aspects of what makes woodturning symposiums so special and valuable for anyone wanting to improve their woodturning skills.

If you’re not sure what a woodturning symposium really is, check out that post for more details.

2020 Woodturning Symposiums Schedule

2020 Woodturning Symposiums – U.S.A.
Event Date Dates Location Website
Tennessee Association of Woodturners Annual Woodturning Symposium January 24-25 Franklin, Tennessee www.tnwoodturners.org 
Florida Woodturning Symposium February 7-9 Leesburg, Florida http://floridawoodturningsymposium.com/
Gulf Coast Woodturners AssociationMarch14-15Houston, Texashttps://www.gulfcoastwoodturners.org/
The Adirondack Woodturners Association Totally Turning Symposium March 28-29 Saratoga Springs, NY http://www.totallyturning.com/
Alaska Woodturners Association Symposium April 4-5 Anchorage, Alaska https://www.akwoodturners.org/Symposium.php
Dakota Woodturners Hands-on Woodturning Symposium April 17-19 Bismarck, North Dakota http://dakotawoodturners.com/symposium-specifics/
AAW American Association of Woodturners International Symposium June 4-7 Louisville, Kentucky
Southwest Association of Turners Symposium (usually in August) TBA
Waco, Texas http://www.swaturners.org/
Turn-On! Chicago Woodturning Symposium July 23-26 Northbrook, Illinois http://turnonchicago.com/
 Georgia Association of Woodturners Turning Southern Style Symposium TBA
Dalton, Georgia https://gawoodturner.org/symposium/
Rocky Mountain Woodturning Symposium September 18-20 Loveland, Colorado http://www.rmwoodturningsymposium.com/
Mid Atlantic Woodturning Symposium September 25-27 Lancaster, Pennsylvannia http://www.mawts.com/
Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild Symposium TBA
TBA https://www.ovwg.org/
North Carolina Woodturning Symposium TBA
Greensboro, North Carolina http://ncwts.com/
Oregon Woodturning Symposium (not held in 2020) 2021
Albany, Oregon http://oregonwoodturningsymposium.com/
New England Woodturning Symposium (every three years)

Derry, New Hampshire https://www.gnhw.org/symposium/2018/about
Utah Woodturning Symposium (discontinued)

Provo, UT https://utahwoodturning.com/
2019 Woodturning Symposiums – International
Event Date Dates Location Website
TurnFestMarch27-29Gold Coast, Australiahttp://www.turnfest.com.au/
Les Petites Journées d’Aiguilles France Woodturning Symposium TBA
Aiguines, France http://escoulen.com/en/congres-2019/
The Australian Woodturning Exhibition TBA
Victoria, Australia http://awtex.com.au/
Saskatchewan Woodturners Symposium TBA
Saskatoon, Canada http://newsite.hubcityturners.ca/
The Association of Woodturners of South Africa TBA
Wilderness, South Africa http://awsa.org.za/
UK & Ireland Woodturning Symposium (Postponed in 2019)

Coventry, United Kingdom https://www.ukiws.co.uk/

If you know of other woodturning symposiums or if you notice changes in any of the above posting, please leave a comment below and I will update accordingly. Thank you.

Woodturning Symposium Conclusion

It doesn’t really matter which symposium you attend. Find the closest one to you or perhaps you’re up for a trip to a symposium far away.

Just get to one of these symposiums and you will see your turning skills improve almost overnight.

Which woodturning symposium are you planning to attend? Maybe I’ll see you there!

Enjoy the Symposiums!

Happy Turning,

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