Bowl Gouge Mastery – Online eCourse Preview

If you’re like me, you struggled with the Bowl Gouge the first time you used one. And if you’re trying to learn all by yourself, it’s very easy to make dramatic and fabulous catches. WE ALL DO IT! 

I can tell you, I’ve been there! 

And I needed to understand much more about the Bowl Gouge.

That is exactly why I made this online Course, so YOU can now have the answers all in one spot. The Great News is YOU CAN MASTER the Bowl Gouge!

Together, we will go through all the steps you will need to take in order to use to Understand the Bowl Gouge and practice all the necessary techniques. Most importantly, I’ve made a Troubleshooting section that will help you understand where and when issues will arise and how to counter them!

> Tired of struggling with the bowl gouge?
> Not sure what techniques to use and when?
> Do you often resort to a scraper when you’d rather use the bowl gouge?

I remember when I first started and how confusing the bowl gouge was to understand. Even after making a few great passes, I would get nasty CATCHES! Ughh!!!

That’s why I’ve put this class together. This online course will help you smoothly navigate your journey and understand exactly how to get the most out of your Bowl Gouge.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting!

      • If you’re just starting to turn
      • If you’re using a scraper and want to learn the benefits of the bowl gouge
      • If you’ve turned for a while and aren’t yet comfortable with the gouge
      • If you have years of turning experience, there are many nuggets here for you too

    OK, I’m curious. Please show me all the eCourse Lessons

    In this eCourse I will share with you EVERY STEP on the path to Bowl Gouge Mastery.

    • How the Bowl Gouge began
    • Why the Bowl Gouge cuts better than any bowl turning tool
    • The many misconceptions of the Bowl Gouge
    • How the Bowl Gouge performs
    • All the techniques for the 4 main Bowl Gouge cuts
    • Where you WILL get into trouble
    • How to see and avoid that trouble
    • Exercises to hone your Bowl Gouge skills
    • Avoid all the common issues

    INCLUDES 52+ VIDEO LESSONS with over 3 hours and 20 minutes of video instruction

    This eCourse will help you confidently use the Bowl Gouge!

    What makes this eCourse so valuable?

    Great question!

    I will be showing you, in great detail, every step needed to master the Bowl Gouge. In this course, you will have me as your personal instructor and guide.

    Each lesson has a specific video related to the lesson topic. All lessons and videos are clearly labeled, so you can easily find them if you’d like to review them later.

    In this eCourse, Dozens of Videos guide you through all aspects of Bowl Gouge Mastery.

    Unlike lengthy, long-winded videos that never seem to get to the topic of their title, the videos in this eCourse are short, to the point, linked to appropriate lessons, and easy to return to, when needed.

    Check out the Bowl Gouge Mastery eCourse Lessons now

    You helped make this eCourse

    Along the process of making this Bowl Gouge Mastery Online Course, I asked you, my followers, for your input. Hundreds of emails poured in from you, and I read and listened to every single suggestion.

    Here’s what you asked for and what I’m delivering in this Bowl Gouge Mastery Online eCourse:

      • Videos (short, to the point, easy to access)
      • What is a “supported” cut
      • Understanding and avoiding catches
      • A clear understanding of all the steps needed to use the Bowl Gouge
      • Body mechanics while using the Bowl Gouge
      • Roughing vs. Finishing cuts
      • Troubleshooting
      • The ability to leave comments and feedback
      • Proper exercises to practice, firsthand
      • and so much more

    Here are 3 things that make this eCourse BETTER THAN ANY OTHER LEARNING MATERIALS on this subject. 

      • Interactive (Leave comments and questions and get answers)
      • Indexed, Labeled, and Easy to find lessons
      • LIFETIME ACCESS (yes, lifetime!)

    Lifetime Access

    Yes, you read that right.

    If you sign up right now and join this eCourse, you can access it for the rest of your life anytime you’d like, period.

    If you go through all the material and a month or two from now forget a certain technique, come back, and it will be right here waiting for you.

    What’s this Bowl Gouge Mastery eCourse Worth?

    What is it worth to you to be able to confidently use the bowl gouge?

    Let’s look at typical turning education options:

    If you have attended a national or regional Woodturning Symposium, you know how expensive that can be. When you add up the cost of attendance, hotel, travel, and meals, you can easily exceed $1500 for just a three or four-day event. And you have only your notes when you leave.

    If you attend a woodturner’s hands-on class locally, you might spend $500-$750+ for a weekend workshop, plus travel and lodging. Again, you take away only the notes you make and what you can recall afterward.

    Some woodturning clubs have talented turners who come visit and do part or full-day demos for around $50-$150+. These demos usually only cover small aspects of using the bowl gouge and you only have your notes afterward.

    I want to make this Bowl Gouge Mastery eCourse accessible for as many people as possible. And that is why I’ve priced this eCourse class so affordably.

    I also want this to be YOUR Best Go-To Resource to learn everything you need to understand the bowl gouge, better than anything else anywhere.


    So let’s review:

    Large Woodturning Symposium – $1500+

    Woodturner’s Workshop – $750+

    Full-Day Club Demo – $150+


    — 52+ videos totaling over 3 and a half hours
    — Interactive Q&A
    — Content That Builds Over Time
    — Bowl Gouge Demystified
    — 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    — Lifetime Access

     I’m in! Take me to Bowl Gouge Mastery eCourse NOW!

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

    Oh, did I mention this already?

    Yes, if you are not fully satisfied within the first 30-days, I will refund your money, period.

    I’m so confident that you will develop a thorough understanding of the Bowl Gouge, that I will refund your money if you’re not happy.

    So what do you have to lose? Nothing!

    And when you understand the Bowl Gouge, it WILL disappear from your workflow!

    You will stop overthinking the Bowl Gouge and use it effortlessly.

    I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait for you to JOIN US. Click below for IMMEDIATE ACCESS!

    Start the Bowl Gouge Mastery eCourse NOW!

    Here’s What They Are Saying

    “This course makes me more comfortable with the gouge.  For a new turner, I would highly recommend this course as a starting place.  Had it been available when I first started I would have saved money and a lot of frustration. A new turner will find this course a good prerequisite to the bowl turning course.”

    — Jerry Bridges

    “This bowl gouge mastery course is a GREAT refresher and updater for even the most savvy woodturner. There are Gold Nuggets in this course that any woodturner will appreciate, no matter how long they have been making the shavings fly!

    I find myself reviewing the previous courses I have purchased and renewing the ideas just to give my tired old gray matter a freshening.

    Your style of teaching and staying on topic is excellent. So many instructors are very wordy, and the student loses when the seat of the pants gets antsy. 

    Great job Kent!”

    — Lowell Fuher

    Your informative and highly educational videos are excellent, plus you are a natural teacher. You have inspired me, at 78yo, to explore turning opportunities in my area and get involved in wood turning.
    — Thanks
    , Gary T


    “It’s worth spending the time going through this course. The secret is in the details you address that nobody else does.”

    — Jorge Rojas, MD

    As a brand new wood turner, I have gained so much from each of your videos I have watched.  I love the details and the way you explain the “how” and the “why” on each session.  Thank you, Kent, for all you are doing to advance the art of woodturning.— Gary J

    Hi Kent,

            I have started the bowl gouge course and totally enjoy the way that you present it, as you do the rest of your courses. You touch on all the aspects meticulously. Love your teaching style. I am very happy that I came upon your courses. Keep up the great work!

    Best regards,
     Jerry Krupka

    “Especially for a beginner, or someone new to turning, it is quite thorough, covering many nuances of successful turning. Also, the ability to review the lessons forever is also good, since as your skill level grows, so does the number of questions.  

    — Eileen C.

    Before I took your course I was very reluctant to turn my bowls. Now after following your three exercises, I sense my confidence returning. Ah, nice. I feel much more confident. Now for more blanks.
    — Michael H.
    (Before and After Section 1, Bowl Gouge Mastery Course)

    PERFECT! Take me to the Bowl Gouge Mastery eCourse NOW

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