Gifts For Woodturners – 50 Ideas To Inspire Woodturning

Gifts for Woodturners Main Image

What are some great gifts for woodturners? Woodturners appreciate trees, knowledge, and quality gear. This guide is more for the spouses, or significant others of woodturners because the task of finding a great gift can be a challenge. I know, my wife tells me so regularly. FYI, many of these items are small and will […]

Buying A Wood Lathe — 5 Things You Need To Know

Buying a wood lathe 5 things to know

Buying a wood lathe for the first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, I will share with you some things people rarely discuss, but are very important in your wood lathe decision-making process. Many of the points in this article are never spoken about. Without this knowledge, you […]

Carbide Vs. Traditional HSS Wood Turning Tools

Carbide Vs HSS Traditional Bowl Gouge Turning Tools

When turning a wood bowl, which tools are better, carbide or high-speed steel (HSS) traditional turning tools? The answer can be highly controversial, depending with whom you speak. To be honest, carbide and traditional turning tools each have advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will unpack all the pros and cons of carbide and […]

11 Etsy Selling Hacks, Tricks, and Tips

Etsy Selling Hacks Tips Tricks Increase Sales

Setting up a shop on Etsy is so exciting, now it’s time to learn some secrets for improving your Etsy shop. As we discussed in the How To Sell On Etsy article, there are many steps needed to get your Etsy shop up and running. In this article, I will share with you eleven hacks, […]

How To Sell On Etsy – Wooden Bowls and more

How To Sell On Etsy Detailed Step By Step Article

Learning how to sell on Etsy is an exciting and profitable opportunity for countless artists and craftspeople around the world. We have to step back and think for a moment what a wonderful time we live in, where we can effortlessly communicate and transact with so many people. In this article, I will be discussing […]

Bowl Turning Grain Orientation – Wood Blank Direction

Woodturning Bowl Turning Grain Orientation

The bowl turning grain orientation of a bowl blank can seem like a confusing puzzle when we first begin bowl turning. What is the bowl turning grain orientation of the wood used to turn a wooden bowl? The bowl turning grain orientation for most wood bowls is a side-grain orientation. However, end-grain bowls, less common […]

Best Wood Bowl Care How To (clean, maintain, restore)

Wood Bowl Care Complete Guide Clean Maintain Restore

Wood bowl care is important. Whether you own a wood bowl (or many) or if you are a wood bowl turner, we’re all in the same boat when it comes to preserving our bowls. What is the best way to clean a wood bowl? For regular wood bowl cleaning use warm water with mild dishwashing […]

7 Valuable Glenn Lucas Gems – Wood Bowl Turning Wisdom

Glenn Lucas Wood Bowl Turning TIps

Glenn Lucas is a genuine wood bowl turning professional. And it seems when he isn’t turning bowls, he’s teaching people the skills needed to perfect the craft. From his home in Ireland, Glenn conducts woodturning workshops. And between turning and teaching, he travels the world sharing his skills everywhere he goes, with his camera in […]

13 Ways To Ruin A Woodturned Bowl

13 Ways To Ruin A Woodturned Bowl

13 Ways To Ruin A Woodturned Bowl is a tongue in cheek way of looking at what we really need to do to make a well-turned bowl. It’s important to know that during the wood bowl turning and learning process, which is never ending, there will be mistakes, and some bowls will turn out less […]

Wood Bowl Repair How To Fix Damage

Wood Bowl Repair Before and After

Making a wood bowl repair and fixing a damaged area is relatively easy. Let’s take a look at a typical wood bowl repair. How do I fix a damaged or broken wood bowl? First, you will want to clean the cracked area, use adhesive glue(s) to bond the damaged area, sand it smooth and reapply […]