10 Woodturning Tips and Tricks for Wood Bowls

Woodturning tips, tricks, and secrets for making wood bowls are numerous and extremely valuable. Knowing the right woodturning tips to use at the right time can save time, money, and potential injury. As humans, we have amazing skills over other species. We can remember, visualize, plan, and communicate. These may all seem simple and straightforward, […]

Lathe Light – Why You Probably Need More

Wood Lathe Light Wood Bowl Turning Illuminated

Lathe light is essential while turning wood bowls for two reasons, illumination, and specific details. This often overlooked lathe accessory can make the difference between okay and great wood turned bowls. The first reason might seem obvious, good illumination, but I can tell you lighting at the lathe is not taken seriously, in most cases. […]

Bandsaw Basics for Wood Bowl Turners

Bandsaw Basics Main Image

How important is it for a woodturner to have a bandsaw? A bandsaw is an essential tool for woodturners, especially wood bowl turners. The bandsaw helps remove excess material in order to make the process of turning a wood bowl more efficient. Understanding how the bandsaw works, using it safely, and showing it all due […]

How To Make Or Turn Wood Bowl – Illustrated Step By Step

Turning Making Wood Bowls Main Image

Turning Wood Bowls is one of the most enjoyable creative processes I know. However, to get started we need to know the procedures and techniques to make a wood bowl. Yes, there are plenty of videos and websites about turning wood bowls, but when I was learning there didn’t seem to be one place with […]

No Catches-Using a Bowl Gouge With Confidence

Using A Bowl Gouge No Catches

Using a bowl gouge with confidence is critically important and an initial hurdle to jump when first turning wood bowls. The fear of getting catches can be paralyzing. Knowledge and practice are required to tame that fear and create beautiful bowls while using a bowl gouge. Let’s face it; no one wants to get a […]

Bowl Tenon – Create perfect secure wood bowl foot

Bowl Tenon Create Secure Connection

The bowl tenon, foot, or some call it the spigot of the bowl, is a critical step in the bowl-making process. The bowl tenon must be sized right and cut correctly to make a secure attachment to a four jaw wood chuck during the creation and shaping of the bowl’s interior. If you’d rather not […]

Wood Lathe Safety Equipment While Turning A Wooden Bowl

Essential Wood Turning Bowl Safety Equipment

This article is designed to provide an overview of wood lathe safety equipment while turning a wooden bowl. Use this information in addition to any and all safety warnings and cautions that came with all your tools and especially your lathe. I must confess, when I first thought about turning wood, I imagined the regular […]