5 Worst Tenon Shape Wood Bowl (foot, spigot, attach)

5 Worst Tenon Shape Wood Bowls Main Image

The form and design of a wood bowl tenon shape are critical to creating a secure and stable connection to the four-jaw chuck. How do I make a wood bowl tenon or foot? There are many ways to make the tenon or spigot on a wood bowl incorrectly. It’s essential to know how the tenon […]

13 Ways To Ruin A Woodturned Bowl

13 Ways To Ruin A Woodturned Bowl

13 Ways To Ruin A Woodturned Bowl is a tongue in cheek way of looking at what we really need to do to make a well-turned bowl. It’s important to know that during the wood bowl turning and learning process, which is never ending, there will be mistakes, and some bowls will turn out less […]

5 Easy Respirator Cleaning Steps Dust Mask (clean, sanitize, store)

Respirator Cleaning Dust Mask How To Process

The respirator dust mask, which we breathe in all day, can become dirty and frankly, get pretty gross. Respirator cleaning is probably a good idea, right? If you’d like to learn about cleaning a healthcare related N95 air respirator to increase its usefulness, please see this informational page offered by the CDC. What are the […]

Safe Wood Lathe Speed (Calculate, Determine, Adjust RPM)

Wood Lathe Speed Calculator Safe

Have you ever thought the wood lathe speed of a bowl blank is turning too fast or too slow? If the lathe is too fast, things can get dangerous. If the lathe is too slow, turning can become tedious. Wood lathe speed while making wooden bowls is important for two reasons – safety and efficiency. […]

Salad Bowl Finish – Food Safe? Surprise – 3 Safe Options

Salad Bowl Finish Food Safe Main Image

If you’re like me, you think the term “salad bowl finish” seems pretty straightforward and understandable. However, the truth about salad bowl finish is much murkier. As a turner of wood bowls, I want to find the best truly food-safe salad bowl finish for my bowls and for my customers, period. I do not want […]

10 Bowl Turning Basics – Important FAQs Answered

Bowl Turning Basics Main Image

Bowl turning basics are important steps in developing and honing bowl turning skills. Sometimes it feels awkward asking questions, but that’s why we’re here. Many bowl turning basics need to be addressed, learned and understood. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to learn everything all at once, instead, build up your knowledge bank of bowl turning […]

Wood Lathe Vibration Solutions – Bowl Turning Smoothly

Wood Lathe Vibration Main Image

Wood lathe vibration can be a very frustrating and potentially dangerous experience. Not only is vibration unsafe, it usually causes tool marks and interferes with a quality turned wood bowl. The potential sources for wood lathe vibration are numerous, and in this article, we will systematically move through and eliminate each possibility. After all, what […]

Live Edge Bowl – 10 Secrets For Turning Success

Live Edge Bowl Wood Techniques Steps

Live edge bowl turning is especially fun, exciting and the end results can be visually stunning. Of all the bowls I’ve turned, nothing gets the same excited and positive response like natural edge bowls. Making a natural or live edge bowl is like displaying an elegant cross-section of a beautiful tree for all to see. […]

Wood Lathe Faceplate – Never Do This – 8 Things

Wood Lathe Faceplate Things Not To Do

The wood lathe faceplate can be one of the most secure ways to attach wood to the lathe. However, there are some precautions, also that need to be incorporated with a wood lathe faceplate. What is a wood lathe faceplate? A wood lathe faceplate makes a secure mechanical attachment between a lathe and a wood […]

Bowl Gouge Vs Spindle Gouge Difference Explained

Bowl Gouge vs Spindle Gouge Comparison

What is the difference between a bowl gouge vs spindle gouge? The bowl gouge flute is curved with wings and designed for turning wood bowls. A spindle gouge has a more open flat flute and is best used for details and spindle turnings. I remember when I first started turning there were so many terms […]