Bowl Gouge Mastery – Online eCourse Preview

If you’re like me, you struggled with the Bowl Gouge the first time you used one. And if you’re trying to learn all by yourself, it’s very easy to make dramatic and fabulous catches. WE ALL DO IT!  I can tell you, I’ve been there!  And I needed to understand much more about the Bowl […]

Woodturning Chisels – Turn Wood Bowls – Infographic (Gouges, Scrapers)

Woodturning Chisels Infographic Bowl Gouges and Scrapers Guide

Woodturning chisels and gouges are a bit confusing when you’re first starting in woodturning. Let’s clear up some of the confusion. What tools do I need to start woodturning? To turn a wood bowl, you can start with a simple 1/2” bowl gouge and nothing more. A 1/2” bowl gouge can perform all the tasks […]