Bowl Tenon – Create perfect secure wood bowl foot

Bowl Tenon Create Secure Connection

The bowl tenon, foot, or some call it the spigot of the bowl, is a critical step in the bowl-making process. The bowl tenon must be sized right and cut correctly to make a secure attachment to a four jaw wood chuck during the creation and shaping of the bowl’s interior. If you’d rather not […]

How to Attach Wood to a Lathe – 3 Safe and Secure Methods

Three Ways Attach Wood Blank To Lathe

When first starting out, it can be a bit confusing determining how to attach wood to a lathe. What makes one method better than another? And worse, why does one person do it this way while another person does it differently? I think once you thoroughly understand these three approaches for attaching wood to the […]

Green Wood Bowl Blank Making Process

Splitting Large Green Wood Log Bowl Blanks

Making a green wood bowl blank is essentially the process of preparing a particular piece of fresh-cut wood to a given size and shape. Creating a green wood bowl blank involves removing as much of the surrounding excess wood as possible in preparation for the blank to later be easily turned on the lathe. Making […]

Essential Bowl Woodturning Tools

Wood Bowl Turning Tools Collection

A common question for new wood bowl turners is,”What woodturning tools do I need to turn a wood bowl?” While it’s easy to acquire many tools that do different things, there are only a few woodturning tools truly needed to turn a bowl. If you like buying tools and plan to turn a variety of […]

Identify Wood Lathe Parts Illustrated

Wood Lathe Parts Diagram Labeled

Knowing all the parts of a wood lathe is important, especially when first getting started. This article will go over the basics and will cover much more, so let’s dive in.