101 Wood Bowl Turning Tips, Tricks and Secrets eBook – PDF Printable


Have you ever wondered how to do something better while you’re turning?

Have you ever wished you had someone turning with you to give advice or make suggestions?

I have been fortunate enough to put in hundreds of hours turning wood bowls with an amazing group of skilled turners. Early on it became clear I was picking up gems of advice that only years of experience can acquire. From how to do things more efficiently to how to make specific turning cuts better with the bowl gouge, hundreds of ideas were shared.

Now these tips, tricks and secrets are being shared with you.

In 101 Wood Bowl Turning Tips, Tricks and Secrets, dozens and dozens of golden knowledge nuggets are being shared to leapfrog your woodturning abilities. See how these gems of information help your woodturning skills!

Not only will this eBook help you save money and use your time more efficiently, but it will help you turn wood bowls safer as well. After all, turning wood bowls is all about fun.

Hello Kent,

                I just finished reading your 111 Tips document. The power of this is that so much is now in one spot which I can have as ready reference. It resides right next to your 21 Pitfalls document. Thanks for your efforts to provide guidance and suggestions for making better bowls and related turned wood items.

George Ritzinger

Accelerate your wood bowl turning skills to the front of the line and see where they take you from there!

In addition to the 101 Tips and Tricks, I’m including 10 BONUS Bonus Safety Tips. Some of these safety tips you may have heard, but all are critical and important!

So, this book is NOT 101 Tips, but rather 111 Tips!!!

Purchase today while this incredibly valuable wood bowl turners guide is available at this generous pricing.

  • Info nuggets that save time
  • Turn as safe as possible
  • “Ah-ha” moments that build skills
  • Combined decades of knowledge
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 25-Page Printable PDF
  • 30 Photos and Illustrations
  • No shipping fee


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