Tool Sharpening eCourse – for Wood Bowl Turning

Tool Sharpening eCourse for wood bowl turning is the place you need to be to finally understand everything necessary to sharpen your turning tools with ease, also to understand, why, when, and how to make your tools work best for you.

Are you tired of not knowing for sure how to sharpen that gouge?

What angle is best and why?

How do I sharpen all those other tools?

I remember when I first started how confusing it was to understand each tool, let alone figure out how to shape or sharpen each of them. That’s why I’ve put this class together. To help you navigate and understand exactly how to get the most out of your tools and enjoy the whole turning process that much more!

In this eCourse I will share with you FIVE DIFFERENT Bowl Gouge Profiles.

  • Standard Grind
  • Fingernail Grind
  • Swept-back Grind (a.k.a. Irish, Ellsworth, and Long Grind)
  • The 40/40 Grind
  • and the Micro Bevel (a.k.a. Bottom Feeder)

When I say share, I mean I will show you how to SHAPE each of these bowl gouges first, then I will show you how to SHARPEN them one by one…each on different sharpening systems.

Why would you want to use all these different bowl gouge profiles?

Great question!

We will cover all the uses, benefits, and advantages for each of the gouge profiles, so you will finally understand which might be appropriate for you.

In this eCourse, Dozens of Videos guide you through all aspects of woodturning tool sharpening.

Unlike lengthy, long-winded videos that never seem to get to the topic of their title, the videos in this eCourse are short, to the point, linked to appropriate lessons and easy to return to, when needed.

You helped make this eCourse

Along the process of making this Tool Sharpening Course class, I asked you, my followers for your input. Hundreds of emails poured in from you and I read and listened to every single suggestion.

Here’s what you asked for and what is in this Tool Sharpening eCourse:
  • Videos (short, to the point, easy to access)
  • Explanation of different tool profiles and uses
  • Clear Illustrations to highlight key points
  • How to maintain sharp tools
  • What are the different bowl gouge profiles and why
  • Explain the burr and how to use it
  • What bevel angle for each tool
  • How to sharpen carbide cutting tips
  • and so much more

Here are 3 things that make this eCourse BETTER THAN ANY OTHER LEARNING MATERIALS on this subject.

  • Interactive (Leave comments and questions and get answers)
  • Indexed, Labeled, and Easy to find lessons
  • LIFETIME ACCESS (yes, lifetime!)

Lifetime Access

Yes, you read that right.

For everyone signing up right now, if you join this eCourse, you can access it for the rest of your life anytime you’d like, period.

If you go through all the material and a year or two from now forget a certain technique, come back and it will be right here waiting for you.

What’s this Tool Sharpening eCourse Worth?

What is it worth to you to be able to shape and sharpen any tool in your collection, not only to perfect sharpness but also to do it with confidence?

Let’s look at typical turning education options:

If you have attended a national or regional Woodturning Symposium, you know that when you add up the cost of attendance, hotel, travel, and meals, you can easily exceed $1500 for just a weekend. And you have only your notes when you leave.

If you attend a woodturner’s hands-on class locally, you might spend $500-$750 for the full workshop. Again, you take away only the notes you make and what you can recall afterward.

Some woodturning clubs have talented turners come visit and do full-day demos for around $50-$100. These demos usually only briefly cover sharpening and you only have your notes afterward.

I want to make this Tool Sharpening eCourse affordable and accessible for as many people as possible. And that is why I’ve priced this eCourse class so affordably.

I also want this to be YOUR Best, Go-To Resource to learn about sharpening and tool shaping, better than anything else anywhere.

So let’s review:

Large Symposium – $1500+

Woodturner’s Workshop – $750+

Full-Day Club Demo – $100+

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Oh, did I mention this already?

Yes, if you are not fully satisfied within the first 30-days, I will refund your money, period.

I’m so confident that you will develop a thorough understanding and knowledge of Tool Sharpening for wood bowl turning, that I will refund your money if you’re not happy.

So what do you have to lose? Nothing!

And when you’re working with properly sharpened tools,
you have SO MUCH TO GAIN!

Here’s What They Are Saying


First, you inspired me to get and use a bowl gouge (instead of using my spindle gouges) for bowl turning. I thank you for that – it’s a lot easier and more fun, not to mention safer. Of course, that gouge (a really good one, BTW, a cryogenic 1/2″ flute with a swept-back fingernail grind) eventually got dull. Actually, it got dull pretty quickly while working on a hard Maple bowl block. After struggling to keep it sharp without a jig or even a grinder I set the turning project aside.

A few days ago I got my new slow speed grinder and OneWay Wolverine sharpening set-up. It took me about an hour to assemble everything, build a grinding platform and double-check it. Following your video demonstrations I was able to very quickly tune up the gouge profile and get it sharp. Resuming the project was a pleasure and has gone smoothly since. Any time I’ve even suspected the gouge should be re-sharpened I’ve done so.

I still have a long way to go with my skills. Your guidance has probably cut months off my learning curve, and may well have kept me from quitting altogether out of frustration.

Thank you!
Dave Ross

Your guidance has probably cut months off my learning curve, and may well have kept me from quitting altogether out of frustration.” — Dave Ross

Hi Kent,

Just finished your Sharpening  Class.

This was exactly what I needed.  Purchased a midi lathe ( Laguna 1216) in February.  The same day I signed up for a 3-day turning class that was delayed until late October.  We did turn a bowl.  The instructor never presented any form of material like the wonderful class I just completed.

I have a technical background and am very detail-oriented.  Have purchased 5 or 6 bowl gouges, am now ready, and feel confident, to selectively grind and sharpen tools.  Thinking about making one of each profile you provided instructions for in class.

While going through the sharpening class I made 9 bowl blanks.  The wood is Maple and there are 4 Purpleheart plugs that will serve as accent pieces in each blank.  The plugs were carefully sand, glued, and gently wedged in place.  At least they look good at this point.   Turning some Christmas ornaments right now.  But, soon will start on my 2nd (thru 10th) bowl.  Going to see how closely I can make them alike —  a set.  Wish me luck.

Most assuredly, would be not be starting the project above had I not had good fortune of discovering your class.  

Have been “flatwood” working for decades, this “roundwood” thing is different and for that reason alone, I would recommend your class to anyone.  Excellent  instructions. 

Thank you, sir.
Jim Brooks

“Most assuredly, would be not be starting the project above had I not had the good fortune of discovering your class.  …I would recommend your class to anyone. Excellent instructions.” — Jim Brooks