Tool Sharpening for Wood Bowl Turning – ONLINE COURSE

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Sharp tools are KEY to a successful turning experience. This Interactive Online Course will not just teach you step-by-step sharpening, but you will also learn how to shape your tools to your desire properly.

• Includes 44+ Video Lessons
• Over 3 Hours and 45 Minutes of Total Video Instruction
• Easy to Find Lessons
• Interactive Input
• Expanding Content
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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6 reviews for Tool Sharpening for Wood Bowl Turning – ONLINE COURSE


    I found the tool sharpening course to be very comprehensive and clearly explained.
    It has removed any doubts as to whether I am sharpening my tools properly and consistently.
    The videos along with the written instructions are very well done and it is nice to be able to go back and review them when I am having any questions or concerns with shaping or sharpening a new tool.
    It has also increased my enjoyment of turning with the confidence of knowing the tool is properly shaped and sharpened for the job it is intended.
    This course will save you money in the long run, as your gouges will last a long time saving the cost of new ones because of misshaping or sharpening.

  2. Dan Ermel (verified owner)

    Over the years, I have taken many different types of courses. My criteria: if the instructor taught me how to do a skill adequately, safely and properly, 3 stars. For 4 stars, the instructor does not teach me, he coaxes, guides and encourages me to learn how to do the skill and be confident in doing it. But 5 stars needs an important extra. Why I should do that skill. Kent hammered that fact home with a sixth star many times in the tool sharpening course. It was well worth it, and I’m now on to finding the treasures buried in my logs!

  3. Tody Brock (verified owner)

    I have been watching the videos for several months and decided to take the plunge and purchase the tool sharpening course. Absolutely amazing what I have picked up and am only half way thru the course. I love being able to read thru a lesson and watch the video but then when I actually go and try to sharpen a certain tool, I can bring the video back up and follow along with it. Kent has done an amazing job making this course so informative and easy to follow along , especially for a novice wood turner as myself. I now have the best angle grinds and edges that I have ever had!!

  4. Gerry Brault

    Hello, I really enjoyed taking this course, all the detailed info made me become better at the sharpening station. It makes turning a lot more satisfying for me. To be able to go back to the course any time is a plus when doute sets in!

  5. Hawkeye

    Hello to anyone remotely thinking about taking this course. I was a little reluctant prior to finally signing up, but let me tell you….it was money well spent. All of my tools now have a razer sharp edge. I have friends dropping their tools off for me to sharpen now. The course is easy to follow and Kent’s voice over comments provide great tips. The best part about the course for me is the fact that I can go back and re watch a section anytime I want to. With some of my tools that I do not use on a regular basis I need to go back to refresh my memory on how to sharpen. You will not be disappointed with the results. Oh and another benefit to sharp tools….I can start sanding at 180 or 240 grit. What a time saver. Thanks Kent.

  6. William Cavin (verified owner)

    Essential information in the path to becoming a competent woodturner! I took an in-person class and the instructor chose to brush over the sharpening process assuming we all didn’t have grinders and it wasn’t necessary at that point in our journey. Kent closed that gap in knowledge (and more!) in this course. Coupled with his YouTube channel videos, this course has removed so much potential frustration keeping me inspired to return to the lathe every chance I get! I actually feel like I know what I am doing now (or getting there anyway….). Best money I’ve spent in a while and looking forward to completing the whole series.

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