This list of equipment is intended for participants of the online Tree To Bowl eCourse. If you’d like to directly view the eCourse and all lessons available, click here.

Safety Equipment

Reference Materials

“Hidden Life of Trees” — by Peter Wohlleben
“Spalted Wood” — by Sara C Robinson
“Identifying Wood” — by R Brice Hoadley
“The Sibley Guide To Trees” by David Sibley

Green Wood Processing Equipment

Black Lumber Crayon
Whiter Lumber Crayon (good for dark woods like walnut)
20” Gas Chainsaw
18” Cordless Electric Chainsaw
Chainsaw Bar Oil
17” Bandsaw (with foot brake)
17” Bandsaw blade
Anchorseal 2
Moisture Meter
Digital Scale
Heating Element option
Therm/Humidity Gauge
Air Flow Fan
Disscent Beads

Crack Repair and Finishing

Titebond III Wood Glue
150 Grit Sandpaper
Spray Lacquer
Super Thin CA Glue
Five-Minute Epoxy
Mica Color Fillers
Tried and True Danish Oil