Gifts For Woodturners – 50 Ideas To Inspire Woodturning

Gifts for Woodturners Main Image

What are some great gifts for woodturners? Woodturners appreciate trees, knowledge, and quality gear. This guide is more for the spouses, or significant others of woodturners because the task of finding a great gift can be a challenge. I know, my wife tells me so regularly. FYI, many of these items are small and will […]

Buying A Wood Lathe — 5 Things You Need To Know

Buying a wood lathe 5 things to know

Buying a wood lathe for the first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, I will share with you some things people rarely discuss, but are very important in your wood lathe decision-making process. Many of the points in this article are never spoken about. Without this knowledge, you […]

Carbide Vs. Traditional HSS Wood Turning Tools

Carbide Vs HSS Traditional Bowl Gouge Turning Tools

When turning a wood bowl, which tools are better, carbide or high-speed steel (HSS) traditional turning tools? The answer can be highly controversial, depending with whom you speak. To be honest, carbide and traditional turning tools each have advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will unpack all the pros and cons of carbide and […]

How To Sharpen A Chainsaw – Illustrated Guide

How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Blade

How do I sharpen a chainsaw? A chainsaw blade can be sharpened by hand using an appropriate sized round file. Each tooth needs to be filed sharp by incorporating a few different techniques for sharpening. There are numerous ways to sharpen chainsaw teeth, but hand sharpening is the quickest and easiest method. Learning how to […]

Wood Lathe Review – Compare, Select, Understand

Wood Lathe Review Compare Select Understand

Selecting a wood lathe that fits your needs can be an exciting and also challenging process. Which wood lathe is best? Choosing a wood lathe is a very personal experience. One lathe does not fit all. You must match your turning needs and long term goals with your budget, workspace available, as well as other […]

Wood Lathe Tool Rest (Height, Adjust, Maintain)

Wood Lathe Tool Rest Height Adjust Guide

Probably the most touched, but least talked about part of the entire wood lathe is the tool rest. The wood lathe tool rest is the critical anchoring point for all our tool contact while turning. Without the rock-solid support of a well-designed wood lathe tool rest, we would not be able to create what we […]

How To Shape A New Bowl Gouge Profile (Change, Reshape, Adjust)

Shaping New Bowl Gouge Profile Steps Image

Each bowl gouge angle and profile has a different use and function. You will need to shape your new bowl gouge to fit your needs. When you get your first new bowl gouge, and if you’re new to turning, you might think, “so this is the bowl gouge profile grind I should be using.” Not […]

40-40 Bowl Gouge Grind (Shape, Sharpen, Use)

40-40 Bowl Gouge Bevel Angle Tip Detail

The 40/40 bowl gouge grind is a straightforward and useful tool for wood bowl turners and worth trying out. What is a 40/40 bowl gouge grind? A 40/40 bowl gouge grind refers to the angles incorporated in the specific sharpening process for this gouge. The bowl gouge bevel angle of the 40/40 grind is 40-degrees, […]

Scraper Sharpening Guide (Bevel Angle, Burr, How To)

Scraper Sharpening Station Bevel Burr Angle Close Up Detail

Scraper sharpening, of all the woodturning tools, is probably the easiest tool to sharpen. But there are a few details to be aware of during the sharpening process. How do I sharpen a scraper woodturning tool? The front bevel edge needs to be sharpened at a precise angle and should get the most attention during […]

Finishing Cut – Wood Bowl Turning Beyond the Basics

Finishing Cut Wood Bowl Main Image

The finishing cut or pass on a wood bowl turning might seem similar to the rest of the cuts, but there is a difference. What is a wood bowl turning finishing cut? The final cutting pass that defines the surface of a wood bowl being turned is the finishing cut. However, the finishing pass on […]