5 Top Reasons Nasty Catches Happen While Turning Wood Bowls

Nasty Catches Wood Bowl Turning Main Image

Nasty catches have happened to all of us, especially when first starting out in woodturning. But what causes those discouraging catches in the first place? There you are, minding your own business enjoying your time turning at the lathe and Boom – a catch! It almost has the same effect as an aggressive dog lunging […]

7 Secrets from My Woodturning Mentor – Danny Hoffman

Woodturning Wood Bowl Mentor Secrets

Do you have a woodturning mentor? Most new endeavors can benefit from a mentor, someone to oversee and guide the way, but this might not be obvious at first. New participants to woodturning particularly, unlike most other hobbies or sports for that matter, gain valuable knowledge from a mentor’s vision, a woodturning mentor. Starting Down […]

Robust Sweet 16 Wood Lathe Review

Robust Sweet 16 Wood Lathe Review

I have turned hundreds of wood bowls with the Robust Sweet 16 wood lathe. My experience with this lathe is quite extensive. The Robust Sweet 16 Wood Lathe is the lathe I turn with at home. In this article, I’ll tell you all about the Sweet 16 lathe. To be clear, I purchased this lathe, […]

5 Easy Respirator Cleaning Steps Dust Mask (clean, sanitize, store)

Respirator Cleaning Dust Mask How To Process

The respirator dust mask, which we breathe in all day, can become dirty and frankly, get pretty gross. Respirator cleaning is probably a good idea, right? If you’d like to learn about cleaning a healthcare related N95 air respirator to increase its usefulness, please see this informational page offered by the CDC. What are the […]

9 Steps to Shear Scraping Perfection Bowl Gouge Technique

Shear Scraping Bowl Gouge Technique

Shear Scraping to the rescue. Do pesky tool marks plague your final turned bowl surfaces? Well, this article is going to be a treat for you! The shear-scraping bowl gouge technique is probably, initially, the most awkward and yet useful wood bowl turning move ever conceived. At first, the shear scrape feels 100% wrong, but […]

Oneway Coring System Easy-Core Core How To – Step by Step Guide Illustrated

Oneway Easy Core Coring System Main Image

In this Oneway Coring System How To article we are going to cover the steps to core out multiple bowls from one initial bowl blank. So you’ve gone through the process of determining what Oneway Coring System components you need for your lathe, and you’re ready to get started. What’s next? How do I use […]

Bowl Gouge Basics – Beginner Guide (parts, use, sizes, grinds)

Bowl Gouge Basics Complete Guide

Bowl gouge basics are the foundation of wood bowl turning. The bowl gouge is probably the number one most recognized wood turning tool and for a good reason. What is a bowl gouge? A bowl gouge is a hand tool used to cut and shape wood bowls on a lathe. The bowl gouge consists of […]

How to Order and Set Up Oneway Coring System Easy-Core Bowl

Oneway Easy-Core Coring System Order and Set-up

The Oneway Coring System is a fantastic way to core out additional bowls inside larger bowl blanks. The process of purchasing the Oneway coring system needs some explanation. How do I order my Oneway Coring System Easy-Core? You can not merely do a one-click checkout when purchasing the Oneway Coring System. Instead, you need to […]

3 Ways Sharpen OneWay Cutter Tip Easy-Core Coring System

Cutting Tip Sharpening Detail Main Image Oneway Easy-Core Coring System

The cutter tip for the OneWay Easy-Core Coring System is a mighty cutting dynamo that needs to be sharpened frequently. How do you sharpen the OneWay Easy-Core Cutter tip? There are a few ways to sharpen the OneWay Easy-Core Cutter. You can sharpen by hand with a diamond hone, or there are a couple ways […]