DIY 40-40 Gauge Platform Guide Template – PDF Printable Plans


If you’ve struggled like me to set the perfect angle for your sharpening platform and failed, you’re going to love this DIY 40/40 Gauge Template.

Protractors and angle finders don’t work well when setting the platform angle at the sharpening station.

To achieve a perfect 40-degree angle every time, use this DIY 40/40 Gauge Guide Template to solve the problem.

Not only does it set your platform angle perfectly, but you can also use this gauge to quickly mark 40-degree guide angles to sharpen your 40/40 gouges with precision!

  • End the platform angle guessing game
  • Stop struggling with useless protractors
  • Make your own perfect 40/40 gauge in minutes
  • Simple instructions included
  • Printable PDF Format
  • Ready for immediate DOWNLOAD NOW
  • CNC or Laser Machine .SVG format included as well
  • 60-Day Money back guarantee

Why struggle with setting the 40/40 angle?

I made this DIY 40/40 Gauge to solve a frustrating problem.

And now I’m sharing it with you!

Your DIY 40/40 Gauge Guide Template is in PDF format and ready for immediate download. Simply print the PDF (complete with all necessary instructions) and use the template to make your own precise 40/40 Gauge Guide.

OH! And as a bonus, if you have access to a CNC machine or laser cutter, I’m also including a digital .SVG format file so you can simply “print” out a DIY Gauge for your use.

Your DIY 40/40 Gauge Guide Template is ready NOW for IMMEDIATE download!




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