DIY Bowl Gouge Depth Gauge – PDF Printable Plans


Setting the bowl gouge extension from the Oneway Wolverine Vari-Grind Jig is critically important.

Making and using the depth gauge properly is of the utmost importance.

This depth gauge has TWO added bonus features that make it last long and provide additional benefits.

  • Plans include measurements
  • Detailed 3D drawings
  • Precise construction instructions
  • Bonus feature adds long-lasting durability
  • Additional Bonus Trick to prevent needless V-Arm adjusting
  • Printable Plans – PDF Format
  • Ready for immediate DOWNLOAD NOW
  • 60-Day Money-back guarantee

Why struggle with setting the bowl gouge depth accurately every time?

I made this DIY Depth Gauge to solve a frustrating problem.

And now I’m sharing it with you!

Your DIY Bowl Gouge Depth Gauge Plan is in PDF format and ready for immediate download. Simply print the PDF (complete with all necessary instructions) and use the template to make your own precise Depth Gauge.

Your DIY Depth Gauge Plans are ready NOW for IMMEDIATE download!




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