Wood Bowl Turning Start-To-Finish Online Ecourse

I bet you have dreamed about making a certain type of bowl! As woodturners, we all have and usually continue to imagine the next bowls we’ll make.

In your mind, you can clearly see the bowl you want to make.

What’s keeping you from making your perfect bowl?

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Nobody to show you how
  • Fear of the process
  • Not certain what steps are needed
  • Lack of necessary skills

Where do you get the skills and knowledge to make those bowls you imagine?

I’m here to help YOU with the entire process in my Wood Bowl Turning Start-To-Finish online Course.

This is your solution to fully understanding the wood bowl turning process from start to finish! Along the way, you will thoroughly learn how to use the bowl gouge (and other tools) to make the wood bowls YOU desire.

> Tired of struggling with the bowl gouge?
> Not sure what techniques to use and when?
> What are the steps to make a wood bowl?

I remember when I first started and how confusing it was to understand each step of the bowl turning process. Even after making many bowls, there were so many questions!

That’s why I’ve put this class together. This online course will help you smoothly navigate your journey and understand exactly how to get the most out of turning wood bowls.

      • All your questions will be answers
      • You won’t be left guessing
      • Become efficient quickly and confidently
      • The whole turning process will be that much more enjoyable!
      • Wow! friends and family with the wood bowls you will produce!

    In this eCourse I will share with you EVERY STEP in the Wood Bowl Turning Process.

        • Selecting essential equipment
        • How to prepare a bowl blank
        • Different ways to mount a blank to the lathe
        • Bowl Gouge and tool handling
        • Creating a tenon
        • Shaping the bowl exterior design
        • Forming the rim
        • Clearing the interior
        • Sanding
        • Removing and shaping the base
        • Finishing
        • Even, how to best sign your bowls

      with over 3 hours and 45 minutes of video instruction

      Limited Tools and Inexpensive Blanks

      It is important to me to make this online Wood Bowl Turning class as accessible as possible. In order to achieve the most accessible course, I have greatly limited the number of tools you will need to participate. The keystone tool in this course is a 1/2″ bowl gouge and it is used more than anything else.

      Also, I want us all to be able to turn the same thing. So, I created a simple, very affordable way for us to easily create the SAME types of Bowl Blanks. Unlike some other turners who demo gorgeous, large, and expensive wood blanks, WE WILL ALL BE TURNING THE SAME TYPE OF INEXPENSIVE BOWL BLANKS!

      AND IT GETS BETTER…the bowl blanks we will be using are reasonably sized so they will FIT ON ALMOST ANY LATHE!

      Did I mention the Bowl Gouge?

      I will be showing you every technique and skill needed to use the bowl gouge properly and efficiently while creating a bowl. There are several lessons designed exclusively to teach you the important nuances of the bowl gouge, like Riding the Bevel, the Push Cut, Support Grain Direction, and so much more!

      This eCourse will make you confident with the bowl gouge!

      What makes this eCourse so valuable?

      Great question!

      I will be showing you, in great detail, every step of the wood bowl turning process. In this course, you will have me as your personal instructor and guide.

      Each lesson has a specific video related to the particular step in the bowl making process. All lessons and videos are clearly labeled, so you can easily find them if you’d like to review them later.

      In this eCourse, Dozens of Videos guide you through all aspects of Wood Bowl Turning.

      Unlike lengthy, long-winded videos that never seem to get to the topic of their title, the videos in this eCourse are short, to the point, linked to appropriate lessons and easy to return to, when needed.

      You helped make this eCourse

      Along the process of making this Wood Bowl Turning Course class, I asked you, my followers for your input. Hundreds of emails poured in from you and I read and listened to every single suggestion.

      Here’s what you asked for and what I’m delivering in this Wood Bowl Turning Start-to-Finish Online eCourse:
        • Videos (short, to the point, easy to access)
        • A detailed explanation of tool angles and uses
        • Clear understanding of all the steps needed to make a bowl
        • Options for different points in the process
        • The ability to leave comments and feedback
        • Exercises to practice techniques firsthand
        • and so much more

      Here are 3 things that make this eCourse BETTER THAN ANY OTHER LEARNING MATERIALS on this subject.

        • Interactive (Leave comments and questions and get answers)
        • Indexed, Labeled, and Easy to find lessons
        • LIFETIME ACCESS (yes, lifetime!)

      Lifetime Access

      Yes, you read that right.

      For everyone signing up right now, if you join this eCourse, you can access it for the rest of your life anytime you’d like, period.

      If you go through all the material and a month or two from now forget a certain technique, come back and it will be right here waiting for you.

      What’s this Wood Bowl Turning eCourse Worth?

      What is it worth to you to be able to turn the wood bowl you dream of making with great confidence?

      Let’s look at typical turning education options:

      If you have attended a national or regional Woodturning Symposium, you know how expensive that can be. When you add up the cost of attendance, hotel, travel, and meals, you can easily exceed $1500 for just a four-day event. And, you have only your notes when you leave.

      If you attend a woodturner’s hands-on class locally, you might spend $500-$750 for a weekend workshop, plus travel and lodging. Again, you take away only the notes you make and what you can recall afterward.

      Some woodturning clubs have talented turners who come visit and do full-day demos for around $50-$100. These demos usually only cover small aspects of turning bowls and you only have your notes afterward.

      I want to make this Wood Bowl Turning Start-To-Finish eCourse affordable and accessible for as many people as possible. And that is why I’ve priced this eCourse class so affordably.

      I also want this to be YOUR Best, Go-To Resource to learn everything you need to turn wood bowls, better than anything else anywhere.

      So let’s review:

      Large Woodturning Symposium – $1500+

      Woodturner’s Workshop – $750+

      Full-Day Club Demo – $150+


      30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

      Oh, did I mention this already?

      Yes, if you are not fully satisfied within the first 30-days, I will refund your money, period.

      I’m so confident that you will develop a thorough understanding and knowledge of Wood Bowl Turning, that I will refund your money if you’re not happy.

      So what do you have to lose? Nothing!

      And when you understand the full wood bowl turning process

      I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait for you to JOIN US.

      Click below for IMMEDIATE ACCESS!


      Here’s What They Are Saying

      “I have always been hesitant to pay for online courses since I am more of a hands-on learner. However, I am very happy I chose to do this one. Your course is top-notch!” — Jim Grieco

      Hello Kent,

      I just want to thank you for this amazing course! I have always been hesitant to pay for online courses since I am more of a hands-on learner. However, I am very happy I chose to do this one. Your course is top-notch!

      All of your tips (no matter how small) really helped with the questions constantly popping into my head while I was doing this. Clear and concise tool direction and rest height were worth the price of admission! Multiple camera angles really added value too.

      I have enjoyed your videos on YouTube and your website. You are a very good teacher. I can only imagine what a joy it would be to take a private class of yours.

      I wish my end result was a bit better but as in anything new to learn, it takes time and practice. I just started turning this month and because of this covid stuff, could not really meet up with any local turners. I did join the local AAW chapter but so far the meetings are all on Zoom. I was really feeling like I was up against the wall trying to teach myself woodturning but your course got me through to the next step.

      Thank you again for putting the time and effort to create such a valuable course!
      Jim Grieco

      “Kent, Finished the course was worth every penny! I believe every lathe Maker should buy the course as part of the lathe sale to first-time owners.” — David Landry

      Hello Kent,

      I have certainly taken advantage of your knowledge and willingness to share it. With the Sharpening Course, and the Bowl Turning Basics behind me, I have had a ball…sharpening and shaping my tools, and beginning to turn the piles of logs that have accumulated in my shop and yard!

      Unfortunately, I have left some of the wood too long without treating it, and although there is some wonderful spalting, it sometimes comes with a price of cracks and spalting moving into the next stage of “rot”!

      Oh well, I have no problem getting more wood as I am the Past President of the Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild (www.miwg.ca) and we have a sawmill on the property of one of our members – thus ensuring a continuous supply!

      Many thanks to you for the amazing information that you have presented in your courses, and the very professional instructional methods that you use! (As a retired teacher, I can sure appreciate the thoroughness of your lessons!)

      p.s. I am looking forward to your new instructional videos!


      Hi Kent,
      Thanks so much for putting this very informative course together and for making it available online. I learned much from your YouTube videos but have found the layout of your course, the extra information, and the opportunity to go back and review any time have been very helpful. You have taken me from fifty years of occasional spindle turning to the exciting world of bowls!
      Don Becker

      “Many thanks to you for the amazing information that you have presented in your courses, and the very professional instructional methods that you use! (As a retired teacher, I can sure appreciate the thoroughness of your lessons!)” — Tony Dobson

      Hello Kent,               

      I have been dabbling with woodturning for several years now. The last two of which remained inactive. The reason, I got a pretty good catch and stopped right then and there! Since then, I have been seeking some tutoring in woodturning without success, but just recently found a person that was a woodturner and had him instruct me in the correct way to turn a bowl.

      Being energized again in the continuation of bowl turning, I went back to YouTube and discovered your website. WOW, was I surprised to discover your website! Your information and videos are spot on! I even signed up for your 2 e-courses. Your videos are packed with excellent information and clear-cut videos which you explain clearly. Thank you, Kent, for offering such GREAT courses.   

      Best regards,
      Jerry Krupka

      “Your information and videos are spot on! I even signed up for your 2 e-courses. Your videos are packed with excellent information and clear-cut videos which you explain clearly. Thank you, Kent, for offering such GREAT courses.” — Jerry Krupka 

      Hi Kent,

      Just finished the course (and my first ever bowl)!! Great course and I will recommend it to anyone that will listen (and probably a few that won’t listen LOL). I find myself going back to sections often and picking up on some subtle points that I missed. Every time I learn a little more and I’m starting to get the hang of it. I agree – practice is everything. Best wishes, I am also taking the course on sharpening and will sign up right away for the course on harvesting green wood.

      Lots to learn,


      Thank you so much for putting together a great course that is precise in detail! Until this course, I simply could not get the hang of how to use the bowl gouge. I’m finally learning how to use the bowl gouge without getting a nasty catch!! This course has been very helpful, and I have learned a lot. I’m looking forward to making more bowls and putting these techniques to use. Thanks again Kent!
      Ken Zollinger


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