3 Amazing Turquoise Inlay Techniques – Illustrated Guide

Turquoise Inlay Wood Bowl Main Image

Applying a Turquoise Inlay is a great way to create a stunning visual accent or even save a cracked bowl. How do you make a turquoise inlay on a wood bowl? There are a couple of turquoise inlay techniques you can use. Here’s one way to create a turquoise inlay: Apply turquoise particles and dust […]

Finishing Cut – Wood Bowl Turning Beyond the Basics

Finishing Cut Wood Bowl Main Image

The finishing cut or pass on a wood bowl turning might seem similar to the rest of the cuts, but there is a difference. What is a wood bowl turning finishing cut? The final cutting pass that defines the surface of a wood bowl being turned is the finishing cut. However, the finishing pass on […]

Wall Thickness Woes – Bowl Turning Techniques

Wall Thickness Woes Wood Bowl Technique

Wall thickness of wood turned bowls can be a challenging aspect to master. Of all the different components of wood bowl turning, wall thickness seems to be sited the most as a significant hurdle to overcome. In this article, we will look at why wall thickness might vary, why it matters, how to measure wall […]

7 Valuable David Ellsworth Wood Bowl Turning Insights

David Ellsworth 7 lessons learned

David Ellsworth is a true master when it comes to woodturning. I mean that not in the off-the-cuff overused sense of the term “he’s a master,” but in the actual definition. A master dedicates himself to the craft not just for the results but for the process, the practice, and the spiritual aliveness that occurs […]

Ogee Bowl Design – How To (understand, design, make)

Ogee Bowl Design Main Image

An ogee design shape can put a soothing curved touch on the exterior of any wooden bowl. What is an ogee? An ogee is a double curve usually with each curve opposing one another like an “s.” Ogees frequently appear in architecture, mathematics and the contour of bowl designs. Think of line graphs and the […]

5 Top Reasons Nasty Catches Happen While Turning Wood Bowls

Nasty Catches Wood Bowl Turning Main Image

Nasty catches have happened to all of us, especially when first starting out in woodturning. But what causes those discouraging catches in the first place? There you are, minding your own business enjoying your time turning at the lathe and Boom – a catch! It almost has the same effect as an aggressive dog lunging […]

7 Secrets from My Woodturning Mentor – Danny Hoffman

Woodturning Wood Bowl Mentor Secrets

Do you have a woodturning mentor? Most new endeavors can benefit from a mentor, someone to oversee and guide the way, but this might not be obvious at first. New participants to woodturning particularly, unlike most other hobbies or sports for that matter, gain valuable knowledge from a mentor’s vision, a woodturning mentor. Starting Down […]

Twice Turning Wood Bowls – How To Step By Step

Twice Turning Wood bowls start finish how to

When I first started turning bowls, it seemed pretty straightforward, you take a bowl blank and turn a bowl. Once the bowl was complete, you’re done, right? Maybe, maybe not. What is twice turning wooden bowls? Twice turning bowls is a two-step process that reduces bowl blank drying time and assures an even uniform final […]

9 Mistakes Signing Wood Bowls

Signed Wooden Bowls

Signing wood bowls is pretty simple, right? Well, hold on there are many things to consider. Overlooking the steps of signing wood bowls properly could cause a problem down the road if you don’t consider the details. What’s the best way for signing wood bowls? Your first instinct might be to think about grabbing a […]

9 Steps to Shear Scraping Perfection Bowl Gouge Technique

Shear Scraping Bowl Gouge Technique

Shear Scraping to the rescue. Do pesky tool marks plague your final turned bowl surfaces? Well, this article is going to be a treat for you! The shear-scraping bowl gouge technique is probably, initially, the most awkward and yet useful wood bowl turning move ever conceived. At first, the shear scrape feels 100% wrong, but […]