Oneway Coring System Easy-Core Core How To – Step by Step Guide Illustrated

Oneway Easy Core Coring System Main Image

In this Oneway Coring System How To article we are going to cover the steps to core out multiple bowls from one initial bowl blank. So you’ve gone through the process of determining what Oneway Coring System components you need for your lathe, and you’re ready to get started. What’s next? How do I use […]

How to Order and Set Up Oneway Coring System Easy-Core Bowl

Oneway Easy-Core Coring System Order and Set-up

The Oneway Coring System is a fantastic way to core out additional bowls inside larger bowl blanks. The process of purchasing the Oneway coring system needs some explanation. How do I order my Oneway Coring System Easy-Core? You can not merely do a one-click checkout when purchasing the Oneway Coring System. Instead, you need to […]

Safe Wood Lathe Speed (Calculate, Determine, Adjust RPM)

Wood Lathe Speed Calculator Safe

Have you ever thought the wood lathe speed of a bowl blank is turning too fast or too slow? If the lathe is too fast, things can get dangerous. If the lathe is too slow, turning can become tedious. Wood lathe speed while making wooden bowls is important for two reasons – safety and efficiency. […]

3 Ways Sharpen OneWay Cutter Tip Easy-Core Coring System

Cutting Tip Sharpening Detail Main Image Oneway Easy-Core Coring System

The cutter tip for the OneWay Easy-Core Coring System is a mighty cutting dynamo that needs to be sharpened frequently. How do you sharpen the OneWay Easy-Core Cutter tip? There are a few ways to sharpen the OneWay Easy-Core Cutter. You can sharpen by hand with a diamond hone, or there are a couple ways […]

7 Wood Bowl Woodturning Books – Favorites

Woodturning Books Main Image

Knowledge is the key to almost every success in life. And it’s especially true for learning how to make a wooden bowl. While the steps for making a wood bowl can be quickly explained, the incredible amount of details each step contains can take a lifetime to master. One of the best ways to gain […]

Jam Chuck – Wood Lathe Magic Trick

Jam Chuck Main Image

The jam chuck is our “unseen” partner in the wood bowl making process that helps us, bowl woodturners, look like magicians. When someone picks up a bowl looking for an obvious lathe connection point and says something like, “how was this made?” We have the jam chuck to thank for this wonderful trick. The jam […]

3 Surprising Round Nose Scraper Hacks – Fix Inside Curves

Round Nose Scraper Cutting Techniques

Have you wondered why a round nose scraper is useful for turning wood bowls? I know I did. Afterall, it’s a scraper and scrapers can do more harm than good sometimes. However, a round nose scraper is a valuable tool for fine-tuning the inside curves of a wood bowl. The catch is, you need to […]

Wood Bowl Turning Trouble Zone – Dirty Little Secret

Wood Bowl Turning Trouble Zone

The wood bowl turning trouble zone is a dirty little secret seems to mention. It is a very real wood surface issue that occurs on almost every turned bowl and must be addressed. Both the outside and the inside of a wood bowl turning have two locations each where tear can occur, even if all […]

2019 Woodturning Symposium Guide

Woodturning Symposium Guide 2019 Main Image

See the 2020 Symposium Schedule HERE. The 2019 Woodturning Symposium Guide is a catalog of all this year’s woodturning gatherings throughout the United States and some international events as well, complete with links. Besides knowing where to go, in this article, I will help you get ready and make the most of the symposium(s) you […]

Live Edge Bowl – 10 Secrets For Turning Success

Live Edge Bowl Wood Techniques Steps

Live edge bowl turning is especially fun, exciting and the end results can be visually stunning. Of all the bowls I’ve turned, nothing gets the same excited and positive response like natural edge bowls. Making a natural or live edge bowl is like displaying an elegant cross-section of a beautiful tree for all to see. […]