Product Photo Shoot Made Easy – Wood Bowls

Product Photo Shoot Before After Wood Bowl

The idea of a “professional” product photo shoot might sound intimidating and expensive. I can assure you it is neither. Let me walk you through the way I photograph my wood bowls, and you will see it’s very straightforward and simple. And to make this process even easier, I’ve put together a complete product photo […]

How To Make Or Turn Wood Bowl – Illustrated Step By Step

Turning Making Wood Bowls Main Image

Turning Wood Bowls is one of the most enjoyable creative processes I know. However, to get started we need to know the procedures and techniques to make a wood bowl. Yes, there are plenty of videos and websites about turning wood bowls, but when I was learning there didn’t seem to be one place with […]

Wood Bowl Mortise or Tenon – Which is Best?

Mortise or Tenon Main Image

Mortise or tenon, that is the question when turning or making a wood bowl. For some, there is no preference, for others, it’s either mortise or tenon, but not the other. You’ve set up the bowl blank, begun turning and it’s now time to decide how to attach the bowl to the four jaw chuck. […]

Wood Bowl Exterior-Critical Design Moment

Wood Bowl Exterior Design Main Image

The wood bowl exterior is the moment woodturning mechanics meet artistry. Many of the steps in creating a wood bowl are just that, steps. However, the wood bowl exterior is a different animal. There is a critical design moment when we arrive at the wood bowl exterior stage of the turning process. Here we need […]

6 Perfect Wood Bowl Bottom – Techniques

Bowl Bottom 6 Secret Tips Main Image

The bowl bottom is so critically important to wood bowl turning. In a well-made bowl, the curve flows smoothly and evenly from the side walls to the gracefully curved concave bowl bottom. When that bowl bottom isn’t smooth or flowing is when we usually take notice. After our fingers glide across the bowl’s rim, our […]

Wood Bowl Crack Fix Secrets – Woodturning Repairing Cracks

Wood Bowl Crack Fix Secrets

It’s hard to think of anything other than a wood bowl crack as a wood bowl turner’s number one enemy. A wood bowl crack appearance can make grown men cry and draw attention away from an otherwise perfectly turned wood bowl. To prevent and repair cracks in wood turned bowls, we need to understand better […]

How To Turn A Wood Bowl Without A Chuck

Turn A Bowl Without A Chuck Main Image

In this post, I will share with you exactly how to turn a bowl without a chuck. When you turn a bowl without a chuck, there are many special aspects to consider during the process. I will share, in step-by-step detail, exactly how to turn a bowl without a chuck. Undoubtedly, a four-jaw chuck is […]

Bowl Tenon – Create perfect secure wood bowl foot

Bowl Tenon Create Secure Connection

The bowl tenon, foot, or some call it the spigot of the bowl, is a critical step in the bowl-making process. The bowl tenon must be sized right and cut correctly to make a secure attachment to a four jaw wood chuck during the creation and shaping of the bowl’s interior. If you’d rather not […]

Green Wood Bowl Blank Making Process

Splitting Large Green Wood Log Bowl Blanks

Making a green wood bowl blank is essentially the process of preparing a particular piece of fresh-cut wood to a given size and shape. Creating a green wood bowl blank involves removing as much of the surrounding excess wood as possible in preparation for the blank to later be easily turned on the lathe. Making […]