Spalting and Spalted Wood Bowls

Spalted Wood Bowl Turning Spalting

Spalt or spalting is probably the most exciting characteristic and beautiful visual effect you can find in any wood bowl blank. When people hear the word “spalt” for the first time, they often turn their heads to the side a bit and ask, “what did you say?” What is Spalting? Spalting is somewhat graphic or […]

Bleaching Wood Bowls – 15 Must-Know Facts

Bleaching Wood Bowls Techniques Tips Facts

Bleaching wood bowls is not as hard as you might imagine. Have you ever wondered how to lighten the look of a wood turned bowl? Depending on your wooden bowl design, lightening the wood may add a new striking appearance and take your bowl to a different level. How do I bleach a wood bowl? […]

Bowl Turning Grain Orientation – Wood Blank Direction

Woodturning Bowl Turning Grain Orientation

The bowl turning grain orientation of a bowl blank can seem like a confusing puzzle when we first begin bowl turning. What is the bowl turning grain orientation of the wood used to turn a wooden bowl? The bowl turning grain orientation for most wood bowls is a side-grain orientation. However, end-grain bowls, less common […]

5 Magical Ebonizing Wood Tricks (how-to, techniques, formula)

Ebonized Wood Bowl How To Steps Techniques

Ebonizing wood has been around for a very long time. But before we go further, there is a question that needs to be asked. What is Ebonizing Wood? Ebonizing wood is the effect of darkening or blackening a naturally lighter colored wood to appear more like black ebony wood. Ebonized wood can be created with […]

5 Worst Tenon Shape Wood Bowl (foot, spigot, attach)

5 Worst Tenon Shape Wood Bowls Main Image

The form and design of a wood bowl tenon shape are critical to creating a secure and stable connection to the four-jaw chuck. How do I make a wood bowl tenon or foot? There are many ways to make the tenon or spigot on a wood bowl incorrectly. It’s essential to know how the tenon […]

3 Amazing Turquoise Inlay Techniques – Illustrated Guide

Turquoise Inlay Wood Bowl Main Image

Applying a Turquoise Inlay is a great way to create a stunning visual accent or even save a cracked bowl. How do you make a turquoise inlay on a wood bowl? There are a couple of turquoise inlay techniques you can use. Here’s one way to create a turquoise inlay: Apply turquoise particles and dust […]

7 Valuable David Ellsworth Wood Bowl Turning Insights

David Ellsworth 7 lessons learned

David Ellsworth is a true master when it comes to woodturning. I mean that not in the off-the-cuff overused sense of the term “he’s a master,” but in the actual definition. A master dedicates himself to the craft not just for the results but for the process, the practice, and the spiritual aliveness that occurs […]

Ogee Bowl Design – How To (understand, design, make)

Ogee Bowl Design Main Image

An ogee design shape can put a soothing curved touch on the exterior of any wooden bowl. What is an ogee? An ogee is a double curve usually with each curve opposing one another like an “s.” Ogees frequently appear in architecture, mathematics and the contour of bowl designs. Think of line graphs and the […]

7 Wood Bowl Woodturning Books – Favorites

Woodturning Books Main Image

Knowledge is the key to almost every success in life. And it’s especially true for learning how to make a wooden bowl. While the steps for making a wood bowl can be quickly explained, the incredible amount of details each step contains can take a lifetime to master. One of the best ways to gain […]

Quarter Sawn Wood Bowl – How To Make

Quarter Sawn Wood Bowl

A quarter sawn wood bowl reveals a woodturner’s attention to detail and ability to genuinely connect and integrate the very nature of the natural resource being turned. A quarter sawn wood bowl is usually well-defined, clean, and somewhat graphic due to the alignment of grain pattern. A quarter sawn wood bowl showcases an artist’s ability […]