Buying A Wood Lathe — 5 Things You Need To Know

Buying a wood lathe 5 things to know

Buying a wood lathe for the first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, I will share with you some things people rarely discuss, but are very important in your wood lathe decision-making process. Many of the points in this article are never spoken about. Without this knowledge, you […]

2020 Woodturning Symposium Guide – USA and International

2020 Woodturning Symposium Guide

The 2020 Woodturning Symposium Guide is a directory of all this year’s woodturning major gathering events throughout the United States and internationally as well. You might be asking, “What is a woodturning symposium?“ Last year, in the 2019 symposium directory, I detailed many aspects of what makes woodturning symposiums so special and valuable for anyone […]

Wood Lathe Tool Rest (Height, Adjust, Maintain)

Wood Lathe Tool Rest Height Adjust Guide

Probably the most touched, but least talked about part of the entire wood lathe is the tool rest. The wood lathe tool rest is the critical anchoring point for all our tool contact while turning. Without the rock-solid support of a well-designed wood lathe tool rest, we would not be able to create what we […]

Bowl Turning Grain Orientation – Wood Blank Direction

Woodturning Bowl Turning Grain Orientation

The bowl turning grain orientation of a bowl blank can seem like a confusing puzzle when we first begin bowl turning. What is the bowl turning grain orientation of the wood used to turn a wooden bowl? The bowl turning grain orientation for most wood bowls is a side-grain orientation. However, end-grain bowls, less common […]

5 Worst Tenon Shape Wood Bowl (foot, spigot, attach)

5 Worst Tenon Shape Wood Bowls Main Image

The form and design of a wood bowl tenon shape are critical to creating a secure and stable connection to the four-jaw chuck. How do I make a wood bowl tenon or foot? There are many ways to make the tenon or spigot on a wood bowl incorrectly. It’s essential to know how the tenon […]

7 Valuable Glenn Lucas Gems – Wood Bowl Turning Wisdom

Glenn Lucas Wood Bowl Turning TIps

Glenn Lucas is a genuine wood bowl turning professional. And it seems when he isn’t turning bowls, he’s teaching people the skills needed to perfect the craft. From his home in Ireland, Glenn conducts woodturning workshops. And between turning and teaching, he travels the world sharing his skills everywhere he goes, with his camera in […]

Scraper Sharpening Guide (Bevel Angle, Burr, How To)

Scraper Sharpening Station Bevel Burr Angle Close Up Detail

Scraper sharpening, of all the woodturning tools, is probably the easiest tool to sharpen. But there are a few details to be aware of during the sharpening process. How do I sharpen a scraper woodturning tool? The front bevel edge needs to be sharpened at a precise angle and should get the most attention during […]

13 Ways To Ruin A Woodturned Bowl

13 Ways To Ruin A Woodturned Bowl

13 Ways To Ruin A Woodturned Bowl is a tongue in cheek way of looking at what we really need to do to make a well-turned bowl. It’s important to know that during the wood bowl turning and learning process, which is never ending, there will be mistakes, and some bowls will turn out less […]

Wood Bowl Repair How To Fix Damage

Wood Bowl Repair Before and After

Making a wood bowl repair and fixing a damaged area is relatively easy. Let’s take a look at a typical wood bowl repair. How do I fix a damaged or broken wood bowl? First, you will want to clean the cracked area, use adhesive glue(s) to bond the damaged area, sand it smooth and reapply […]

5 Top Reasons Nasty Catches Happen While Turning Wood Bowls

Nasty Catches Wood Bowl Turning Main Image

Nasty catches have happened to all of us, especially when first starting out in woodturning. But what causes those discouraging catches in the first place? There you are, minding your own business enjoying your time turning at the lathe and Boom – a catch! It almost has the same effect as an aggressive dog lunging […]